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Why see John Cleese?

Last Time To See Me Before I Die Tour

Monty Python's legendary John Cleese returns to North America in 2024! This king of comedy will host his Last Time To See Me Before I Die Tour where the audience will be delighted to hear tales from the writer, actor and tall person's life and career, including memories of his time with the Pythons, work on Fawlty Towers and much much more.

King of Comedy

Recognized as one of the most influential and important comedic voices in entertainment history, John Cleese is a founding member of Monty Python, and responsible for some of the most iconic films and television comedies to grace our screens. These include 'And Now For Something Completely Different', 'The Ruttles', 'Do Not Adjust Your Set', 'Life of Brian', 'Meaning of Life', and 'Fawlty Towers'. John has also starred in famed Hollywood hits such as 'A Fish Called Wanda', 'Silverado', 'Fierce Creatures', and multiple installments of both the Harry Potter and James Bond franchises.

Key Information


This evening is rated PG, no children under 5 allowed.


Finished Nov 4, 2023


Customer reviews

35 reviews, average rating: (2.5 Stars)


Still has it

For some reason, the idiots that love Drump thought Cleese was a supporter. I saw many leave because of this. Glad they left. Cleese was well spoken, funny as hell, and did not disappoint. Can't say the same for his daughter's stand up. But to see a legend Python was a treat! ... Read more

Matthew Alvarado


Well, that was absolute rubbish. I certainly hope the 90th Birthday Bonanza will be better. I plan to start camping out for those tickets tomorrow. ... Read more


I do not understand the negativity

I read many reviews blasting Mr.Cleese from previous shows. My group thought he was wonderful. The man is 84, were you expecting back handsprings across the stage. He told many stories about his life and the pythons. He did talk a lot about Graham and that would be normal, he loved his best friend. His stories were very entertaining. His jokes were very Python meaning they were good hearted jabs at people and other groups. He was not mean spirited towards people. He was doing what he has been doing for 50 years. He talked a bit about people being thin skinned and woke. That would be typical of a man his age and the way he would think. What do you expect. Him to be a progressive “unfunny” comic. He is a member of a comedy troop that relished being “naughty”, his word not mine. His daughter was not very funny. She opened the show and assisted with the Q&A. In general if you are a fan of Python and Fawlty towers. You will really enjoy this show. Thank you Mr.Cleese you are a legend. ... Read more


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